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Toys come in many different shapes, sizes, and material.  We want toys to provide hours of fun for our furry children.  In doing so there are a few other benefits you may want to consider when picking the perfect type of toy for your pet.  A few types are:  Rubber (often more durable than many, they can provide some friction/rubbing of the teeth/gums, thus promoting good oral hygiene); Ropes (good interactive toy that can work like “pet floss” by providing some
friction/cleaning between the teeth).

Puzzle/Treat dispensers (exercises the mind and keeps the interest of the pet if not too difficult.  A challenged/exercised mind can often lead to a nap soon after...which can be a plus at times for both pet and pet parent); Plush Toys (although not the most durable for most pets, can provide a calming effect for soft-mouthed pets that like to cuddle.

Remember that whatever toy you choose, along with ensuring their enjoyment, you should always consider the level of your pets chewing ability, aggressiveness, and potential swallowing/choking hazards.  You know your pet best so ensuring appropriate supervision per “safety level of toy” is important. 

Ask a Happy Tails team member about any of the options/information above and we will be happy to help you make an informed decision. 





Below are just a few samples of what we carry. Bring your pet in to see what they like!




Original Territory Milwaukee Wisconsin
Planet Dog Milwaukee Wisconsin

Tall Tails Milwaukee Wisconsin
Chuckit! Milwaukee Wisconsin Fab Dog Milwaukee Wisconsin
Outward Hound Milwaukee Wisconsin


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